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Sure. I'm just cheap and have always found that those particular masks met my needs and my wallet.

Anyways, these look cool. I'm not their market, but if I was given a pair in black I'd wear them.... around the house too!

I typed a post that got lost but I have some questions about the latch system that will need to be looked into when someone gets a pair in hand. The latch looks like a major failure point. I wonder what it's made out of, how it connects to the frame at the top and bottom and rear where it goes through the hole in the lens itself. If the pivot points are failure points what keeps the lens on your mask? If the rear lock is a failure, same thing. If the latch (which is basically half a loop of material of some kind) breaks, what holds the lens on?

No lens or a loose lens makes the system/mask completely unusable.

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