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Olive/Earth Axe in great condition $300 SHIPPED

Not much to say about this one....i recently took advantage of the upcoming DM14 release to grab a cheap DM12. The last thing I need is multiple electros, so my faithful Axe must unfortunately hit the road. I'm the original owner, have used this for about 2 years on and off, mixed in with my TPX and pumps. If I had to venture to guess I'd say it has about 20 cases through it. Comes in original box with completely unused parts kit and completely untouched original barrel sock. I did use the stock barrel for a little bit, and it has a few small scratches. Bolt guide has standard anno wear near tip. Marker itself has been well cared for, lubed every 2 cases or so, and stored in the box. I've never had any problems whatsoever with this Axe; it chrono's steady every time I take it out, and it shoots like a champ.

I can ship in the continental US forSOLD including shipping! I've also got a sales thread for an in-hydro Crossfire 68/45, so if you need a tank too lets make a package deal! Check my feedback in my sig, and thanks for looking.

Dye DM12, CCM T2, Tippmann TPX.

my feedback

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