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I saw the first couple games and I liked some of the overlay graphics that they were using to show where the players were and what lane they were shooting, my wife said it made it easier to follow what was going on.
I also liked the three for 1 when one of the hurricanes tried to wipe a hit off his hand, nothing worse than getting busted on ESPN2 .

As far as overshooting, like Jakal noted, at 15 bps, when your first ball arrives 50 feet away, 2 more are already in the air behind it and staying on the trigger for a 1/3 of a second will put out 5 more. Not overshooting on every run through elimination is a miracle of restraint.

The nice thing will be if these speedball shows can stay afloat viewer-wise, then someone will try a scenario-woodsball oriented show just to be different...
Really I think the next likely candidate would be the SPPL scenario league, you've got to have something to show every week or it's not a show. To do a traveling recball/woodsball show would cost more than the advertising could possibly pay for, IMO. Many woodsball fields simply couldn't be filmed without weeks of planning camera placement and direction. A show hosted at a big field like EMR or Skirmish might do well with simpler, shorter reports from scenarios and big games around the country. I hope I get to see it happen!

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