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Originally Posted by -=ArchAngel=- View Post
Well, it is designed to be 1:1 with a real ar15, and the real ar15 wasnt designed to be used with a mask. Remember, milsim markers r built to mimic real firearms.
But i think there is a work around. IM pretty sure you have use it without the stock, and have a bottom line bottle to use a stock instead. Wont look pretty, but it'll work well with a mask i think.
I think that would be a poor excuse for a paintball company. It may be milsim but it is a paintball marker first and foremost. They already had to design the stock to hold the tank anyway, how "real steel" is that?

I already have my own bias against Tiberius. They just seem behind the game and not progressing the little niche that they created for themselves as well as they could be.
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