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Got a weird valve question

This is an off the wall question, but I think this would be the place to post it:

I am currently trying to repair an Ariakon Overlord rx marker. The valve seems to be damaged. While trying to repair the marker, I replaced the valve from the Overlord with a valve from an older Spyder marker. I believe the marker is called the Spyder One and bought about 1995. This marker is very similar to the early Spyder Compacts.

The Spyder valve fits perfectly. I am planning on using the valve for my repairs. However, I now have a question. Does Spyder's new Eco Valve have the same dimensions as an older valve? If it does I may use this type of valve to add to the efficiency of the Overlord. Does anyone have any information about this? If the valves are the same size, where could I purchase an Eco Valve system?

I hope this makes sense, and hope to hear from the experts. Thanks for the input.
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