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Goblin and Goblin Deuce Launchers

Prices negotiable. Shipping - add whatever size usps box it will fit in. I have been out of the market for some time, if my prices are wrong, let me know in a PM, please.
TRADES: The only paintball related trade would be for an ICD semi. Real Steel is a plus (through FFL, of course). I need cash to finish my AR upper.

For sale is my Goblin collection. On to the pics!

Goblin Deuce available with fill nipple.

A grand total of 4 valves left and 2 o-ring rebuild kits!

Ignore the messy garage. There are many sizers for the cartridge available. 6 standard .68, and one of each of the following: .678, .676 (x2), .672, .668 and also 8 airsoft sleeves.

NOT PICTURED: Some how I forgot to take a picture of the holster. Holster included.

Price: For all of it, $90 shipped. I am willing to part out, let me know what you want and price and we can work from there.

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