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I'm sorry guys, but I've got 12 zetas and don't have issues with any of them.

The thing is that the follower catch is in the middle of the spring so if the spring happens to collapse to the side it can block or hook on the catch. If this happens DO NOT force it. If it doesn't click onto the follower the first time just back the loading rod out about halfway give it a quick jiggle in and out, and try again. 90% of the time it will click right in on the next attempt.

Trying to force the catch to click in when it doesn't want to will result in a bent spring every time.

Also- doing the quick release mod seems to help somewhat as well.

They're not ****ty springs, you're just forcing them too hard. I admit its not exactly ideal, but all it requires is an adjustment in your technique, not a new spring.
This is perfectly correct!! I have 24 zeta mags and none of them had kinked springs or whatever the problems are being reported here. What I've been noticing is mostly operator mistakes. Learn how to use a product and maybe it will actually work the way it is designed to work
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