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Originally Posted by J4 Paintball View Post
Wow guys, I take a few days off to let this settle down and - yikes!

As a first off, I haven't asked the mods to do anything. I figured good sense and time would solve this. Not complaining - the possible sock puppetry is very interesting to know though for the bst forums. Thanks guys!

Since the air is bit less confrontational:

I tested this gun to my satisfaction, because for the most part I was the only one testing it, the only one responsible for it, and the only one to report to on it. Hence I did not write down all the data as some may have felt fit, since there was no other party to collect it for. I did collect more in the beginning while I was working on the first guns to understand them, but that was 3 moves ago, and nearing on a decade. I have old complex excel sheets done up – again, years and a couple computers ago. Some may have been done on various work computers at the day job.

I have done the huge majority of all the testing done to this platform, there just wasn't anybody else to do it.

When we hit 42cps, it was last September in the UK with the ValveFlow guys, one who has had his regulators tested at MIRA and has regulators designed for other products not paintball related on the market. He also understood the parameters of shoot down and the action of the design, since while he built the reg for me, he has also been building markers for nearing on 15+ years. We were having a problem with the switch venting, causing the gun to return very slowly (25cps) This was very strange. It still shot at about 18bps without a problem. It turned out the CAD was off by about 1.25mm, and the switch wasn't actually venting, maybe 10% of what it was designed to do. Ha! We had too many vent design files.

We came up with a better venting option, and tested it.

We had built a rear pin that has a gauge built into it, which if you have ran a gun faster then the reg can keep up you can see the reg creep down and not fully recharge. It is very visible on the gauge.

When we ran at 42cps we didn't see shoot down on the reg.

We didn't go 'hey, we need to check this and write it down” we said “Wow, no shoot down, the reg is working really good, it will be fine at 25bps.” We tore up a good chunk of our air cycling a few thousand times on that setting to be sure, and because it was fun and cool to see it railing at that speed, then moved on to issues in the switch venting so it could cycle even better, plus timed closer. Which would reduce the cycle even more. Hence, some guns had a 4-5ms dwell, down from 8-10ms, though we tested at a 12ms dwell to cover any hiccups.

The next day we made some new drivetrain parts to make it easier on paint because we were more focused on being smooth and nice on paint vs high ROF.

A couple weeks later we came up with a better spool for the old switch bodies and new parts arrived for testing after I returned to the US, but we only tested with paint to 20cps or so – the rest was at unlimited semi auto, though we haven't had an issue at all with drop off (except with a low tank) even when it has been out with one of the 3 other testers. We have had issues with the switch (we are on version 10 or so now!) and the new version is far more robust, has better timing, and has some built in impact points.

The initial switches are running with new spools, but on raw aluminum housings, so extended wear could be examined. Some of the guns have exceeded 100,000 cycles before the switch became an issue, so we feel the anodized versions will work far longer. In addition, since it is a removable item, not built in, if there are any major problems it is a quick fix and replacement part. Right now a few of the original switch houses have be 'retired' - but the final versions will be on the gun, with the new dynamics and more venting.

Even at cup is was obvious that there was no shoot down no matter how fast anybody cycled the gun, since it was set to unlimited, with a max of 50cps I think? It just isn't an issue with this gun and reg, and never has been. Any issue has been with the switch and allowing it to vent fast enough to keep the cycle speed up, but that is unconnected to the recharge rate of the regulator.

That is it.

Like I said, not rocket science.
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