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Cheap Junk Sale - actually some cool stuff TAKE $5 OFF LISTED PRICES

EDIT: New thread, lower prices, additional items added.


Time to consolidate everything I have for sale into a single thread. I’ve grouped the items by price, but if you feel a price is too high, make me an offer. The point is to get this stuff out of my closet, not make a ton of money. Shipping is not included, after you decide what you want, we’ll figure out a price.

Without further ado, at $55:

Valken Redemption pants "Grey Scar" color scheme, size 3XL.

$30 items:

Empire Events, used but overall in good shape. Missing the little clips that lock the strap buckle in place. SOLD.

Center-feed, stock class Phantom body, well used but still going strong. Drilled for ASP detent mod, but does not include the o-rings.

$20 items:

NXE pack, 4+3+2, includes pods.

Classic automag rail with vertical ASA. SOLD.

Tac One rail, notched for warp left body. SOLD.

$15 items:

Allen marker/gear bag. Really cool, great for a light kit.

Hard marker case, good shape, locks, key included. SOLD.

Really cool hexagonal roll-up tool box. Has a lot of room, and the dividers within each compartment are removable, they just slide in and out, so you can change the sizes to suit your needs. SOLD.

XXL PE pants. SOLD.

Warrior folding gun stand. SOLD.

$10 items:

Empire padded undershirt, size XXL. SOLD.

PE arm/elbow pads. SOLD.

Pro Tec knee pads. SOLD.

Camelbak reservoir.

Empire Magna clutch kit. SOLD.

$5 items:

APP 50 round hopper, with pod lid mod. SOLD.

AGD sear, pretty well used.

Battle Boy barrel case. Holds 3 barrels. One slot cut for a longer barrel. SOLD.

VL Quantum, may or may not work. SOLD.

Hex key sets ($5 each), one metric (left), one standard (right).

Small zipper belt pouch, woodland camo. GONE

Visors! 3 different JT visors, 2 VForce Profiler visors (1 SOLD!), VForce Profiler brow shield (SOLD), VForce Armor visor, and a home-made JT brow shield GONE (it’s the top of Flex 8’s). $5 each.

NXe 72ci tank covers, $5 each.


Sling mount. SOLD

UTG rail covers. SOLD

Flurry tank pouch for Flurry vest. GONE

Small pouch for Flurry vest. GONE

JT soft ears with foam. GONE

O’Neal Helmets helmet bag, great as a mask bag. SOLD.

Really beat up VForce Profilers. SOLD.

48/3k, out of hydro. GONE.

I take paypal and MOs, paypal preferred. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Thanks for looking.
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