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Long Beard's BF MARKER Sale

NOTE: I am leaving the country on Sunday. This means that this year my sale will only run until Saturday morning, so I can ship everything out by Saturday before the USPS closes at noon EST. If you see something after I'm gone, you'll need to wait a week and a half and we can work stuff out.

All items DO NOT include shipping. This way you can combine shipping on a bunch of items. So when you contact me you'll need to provide a zip code if you're in the US, or tell me a country. I WILL ship internationally, but you pay what I pay. I'll do what I can.

Also be sure to check my Black Friday Misc. sale thread as well so you can pick everything up at once.

PAYMENT PLANS accepted as always. PM me and we'll work it out.

Older Model PPS Pug. Instapierce. Everything is chromed...except the RVA, which didn't come to me, so I had to get the dust one from PPS. Valve body isn't seating correctly so it is currently leaking. I just haven't had time in my life to mess with it and make it work properly. As far as I know, you can't get this kind of chrome anymore. 300 plus shipping

BE Short Barrel Nightmare Project
I had every intention of making this thing work. I haven't touched it and I've realized that I need to own less. Included are some new seals. Basically you need to put it together. The body is AMAZING condition. Grip panels are painted black over the brown. 145 plus shipping SOLD

Older Model Grey Ghost. Again, this came to me exactly as you see it. I've never fired it. I just have no time to spend tinkering right now. Comes with original stock and catalina tank. Great condition 165 plus shipping
note: because of size I will need to disassemble this to ship. You will be responsible for re-assembly.

WGP Trilogy pump. Good shape. Smooooooth pump stroke. Some scratches on the feedneck. 60 plus shipping

Autococker with some extras. Jackhammer II. ANS Gen-X2 regulator. Seals up. Cycles. Reg leaks a bit. Probably needs rebuilt. 65 plus shipping

Armortech Zeus G2 pistol. Again good condition. Comes with 3 clips, original short barrel as well as longer barrel. Also comes with holster unit. If I remember correctly this has a small leak...possibly just a cupseal or o-ring replacement. time to tinker with it to find out. 68 plus shipping (Canada...this is heavy....I'll do what I can on shipping)

WGP Ranger. Cocker threaded. Stock barrel. No leaks. Haven't played with it in two years so I don't know what it's chronoing at. Just a nice shooter. I don't believe that Taso site is still on there. 75 plus shipping

NW Sales Spitfire up for sale this week as well. It has been custom ported by someone (not me). It airs up and cycles fine. I haven't personally played with it, so I don't know what it's Chronoing at currently. I found an old pic (bottom one) that seems to say I have the manual I'll go look for that too. 35 plus shipping


My MCB Feedback

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