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86 frame wood panels + other random randomness price drop

I'm whittling down my box of goodies to just the necessities. all prices are Paypal'd and shipped. If you want multiple items I will give discounts. Also, if you think the price is too high or you want to trade just offer up I'll take anything into consideration. Things I need: low pressure gauge (0-500max), standard size speed feed, roller sear. Thanks for looking.

hand made wood grip panels for 86 frame. do you have a pump that needs that little something to set you apart from the crowd? Nothing says ballerific like wood - $12/ea black walnut & cherry

Unknown brand pump kit 2k+ I believe - $18

the whole lot - $25
red front block - $8
ASA rail - $6
Brass 3-way, brass collar, 5 brass tophats - $15
blast caps - $5
Crossfire blue tank gauge - $6
1500 psi gauge - $6
plastic/composite sled (first row of threads are a little worn, but if you screw the cocking rod in 1/4" it works just fine) $6

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