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A couple of questions:

1. You noted that the eyes on the Torque are set up in similar fashion to the Axe. Can you say a bit more about that?

2. You noted the detents are the Exalt 'bridge' type, but I cannot find any information about these. Can you say more about them?

3. In the ergonomics area, is there enough space in the frame for a three finger grip under the trigger guard? And on a similar note, since this is internally plumbed, will there be any possibility of modifying where the ASA sits for the sake of extra comfort/reach/fit, etc.?

4. When these come out are you going to do any additional touring to get more exposure/hands-on time? If so, will you post dates for those of use willing to take a field trip?

5. There was a question earlier about whether this type of spool setup could avoid cold-weather issues, but it got sort of lost in the trolling debacle a few pages back. Can you say more about that?

6. Finally (for now), can you comment a bit on the decision to go with a leaf switch vs. a microswitch for the trigger? Never even heard of a leaf switch until scanning this thread, and did a bit of digging elsewhere, and it seems leaf switches have the potential to be very fast and very sensitive.

7. Finally finally, you mentioned (different?) switches that were being tested in raw form for failure, but which could be replaced easily. This is the quote:

Originally Posted by J4 Paintball View Post
The initial switches are running with new spools, but on raw aluminum housings, so extended wear could be examined. Some of the guns have exceeded 100,000 cycles before the switch became an issue, so we feel the anodized versions will work far longer. In addition, since it is a removable item, not built in, if there are any major problems it is a quick fix and replacement part. Right now a few of the original switch houses have be 'retired' - but the final versions will be on the gun, with the new dynamics and more venting.
Is this the same switch as for the trigger? Different? What does it all mean?

Pardon the newb-ish questions. I've never owned an electro, know almost nothing about them, and anything pertaining to electronics is pretty well a foreign language to me. But I'm looking to get my first, and trying to get as much up to speed as possible in the meantime.

Thanks very kindly.
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