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The only similar sounding problem that I have encountered with Vectors is something I always called "Vector Seizure", but I do not think that it is something that would naturally reset itself.

Anyway, Vector seizure occurs (I think) when the cup seal spring gets kinked during rapid fire. The other main symptom is that about 50% of the time, it would seize with the seal open, thus venting air like crazy down the barrel.

The quick fix that I figured out (not a permanent fix, but some Vectors do it and some don't) was to flip off or unscrew the gas source and then pull the AB pin at the back of the gun. Then, ever so gently, edge the AB out about a 1/2" and you will hear a "click". Push the AB back in (the thin AB rings do not come into jeopardy until the AB comes out farther than an inch) and reinstall the AB pin. Turn on the gas and you should be good to go.

Also, you are aware that the safety mechanism serves as a reset switch, right? Sometimes, when the gun is under oiled or not getting enough air, the bolt will stay forward and you will need to flip the safety to get the bolt back and ready to fire.

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