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Originally Posted by jellyghost View Post
I like this...
Did you get a good shop space for your pb fiddling? Basement shooting range?
Not really, I forgoed...forwent...I scratched the garage for another bedroom and bathroom. Probably a bad move since it means the kayak will still be in the living room even after buying a house. It does have a shed but it's pretty rickity and will eventually be accompanied or replaced by a nicer unit. Anyway I think most of my PB fiddling/tinkering is over. At least for now. I'm about an hour and a half from any fields and really don't know anyone that plays around here. I kept it up for a couple years after leaving Springfield but I kind of fizzled out. Sometimes I get the mechanical freestyle I was working on out and go over it again but until I have a lathe that won't get finished.

oh and it already has hardwood floors, I just gotta pull up some carpet. Was kind of a requirement with a jack russell, she sheds bad.
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