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Winterizing TPX's

My neighbor and I went out to play some one-on-one the other day, me with my Calamity-style TiPX that I've had almost a year and him with his brand-new TiPX that he was using for the first time. Now, we were playing in -7 Degrees Celsius weather and needless to say, both guns were having their own issues.

For mine, I was getting about 20 shots per twelvie and, though I can't confirm (no chrono) it seemed to be shooting faster than the ~260fps its usually set at.

His on the other hand was leaking through the over-pressure release (I know how to solve that problem), but his was definitely shooting hot and he was barely able to get a full mag of 7 rounds before running out of co2. Also when he pulled the trigger you could see a blast of co2 coming out the back of the pistol.

So I guess what I'm asking for is some knowledge on how the cold affects the co2 ( I know it slows down the co2's expansion from liquid to gas) and how to get the best efficiency out of the pistols. I don't understand why the guns would shoot hotter with cold co2 than they do in normal temperatures.

I played through all of last winter with my Araikon Overlord RX and never had any issue other than it shooting at a lower fps than usual. I was expecting the TPX's to perform better due to their regulators and because they are not based on a blow-back system.

P.S. Anyone know where I could find some parts for said Ovelord? Mine needs a new valve and setscrew.
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