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Originally Posted by SEFishy View Post
$38 bucks is still a lot but they have the right idea. my local field fee is $8 with all day air.
I just checked their website. The $38 includes rentals, 500 paintballs, lunch and 7% taxes. That is very cheap in my opinion and a reason they are busy (although they are only open one day a week).

However, from a business standpoint, I would be concerned about this statement, "This is something we do for enjoyment. Our measure of success isn't the money side - our measurement of success is if we have people coming out having a good time". I mean I sort of understand that (I myself run a field and make much considerably less money I could doing other work), but a business should make money, otherwise it won't sustain itself. Eventually people get tired of working for free or very little and then all of a sudden, the business is no longer there, even though it seemed to be well attended while it was open.
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