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Tired of playing against pray and spray tourney players at walkon games?

We have been doing private games at various fields in SoCal for people who are tired of playing walkon games against tourney players. And who want to get back to playing paintball the way it was supposed to be played. Where tactics and aim count. Not how much paint you can fling per second.

A lot of us have been playing paintball for awhile, and our focus is on creating games that are fun for everyone.
We encourage bringing younger players, as they don't have to worry about getting lit up by aggressive players, walking a trigger.

One of our most popular days is Conserve and Conquer. Where you get 50 rounds a game. It's great for families, as they can go a whole day with a single case of paint.

Our other popular one is Mechwarrior. Mechanical guns only. If you have an electronic trigger, you may only use a gravity fed hopper.

My goal in the new year is to have one of each every month.
So two a month.

Join us at SoCal Paintball Meetup (Pasadena , CA) - Meetup
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