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Originally Posted by B_i_s_c_u_i_t View Post
Considering that the measurements were taken off of one of my ULE bodies and rails and assuming that the engineer that took these measurements knows what he's doing (he's only got a 30+ year reputation for one of the best pump markers), then yes, I'd say that these bodies are compatible with any of the mag valves.
Ah so it is made by CCI... That's the best news I've heard yet! I had my suspicions; that thing looked familiar. Any reason why Mike opted to go with the old style welded centerfeed style neck rather than the newer, adaptable stock-class to centerfeed bolt-on? Cost? Or is that still to come?

And don't hang anything on reputation; mags are a little tricky. Recent issues aside, PTP had damn good quality control in their hayday and still dropped the ball a few times even when they were working side-by-side with the guys at AGD to develop new products. So did AGD themselves for that matter. You can get away with a lot more in the way of tolerance issues when you're dealing with a Nelson valve system on a daily basis - no slight against CCI, they do a damn good job. Most mechanical marker designs are more forgiving; modern EP guns too.
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