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Food wise, I don't really deny myself anything, if I'm hungry I'll eat and till I'm satisfied and that'll be it

But yeah for some select things, if they are in range I'll down it all like Snorlax

They are:
to this day mom swears I can out drink a nursing calf
I'd used to down a gallon in 3hrs but then town's a 20min drive away

Hot Cheetos
same deal, I can solo through a few of the largest bags but consequences the next day are the worst

Ice Cream, it's the same as with the milk

Thin N Crispy Pep pizza from the Hut
and since I'm currently employed there enjoying it is infinitely possible along with the Mtn Dew
Been there two years and I've not grown tired of it
and blessed be the gods because I've not gained any weight, although I don't over do it on the Dew like I used to

well, if they keep them coming then I'm going to be at that table a long while

I will never tire of it!!
could probably go through a shopping cart full of it in under a week, maybe less

come on its bacon, you'd have to be inhuman to resist it
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