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Brass N Wood Fan
Palmers Fan
Custom Short-Barrel A5RT and NOXX55 Prototype Spring Feed
For sale is a Qloader-ready Tippman A5 with the following doodads:
  • Goldmember power tube
  • Response Trigger
  • 5.5" barrel (JCS?)
  • MP5 A4 style foregrip (the sloped one, not that silly stick grip)
  • RVA
  • Mike's sling mount
  • Top/side combo rail
  • Removed cyclone feed and hook on body for Qloader (not included)
  • Bottomline adapter for grip (added due to my huge hands)

$285 shipped as seen in video, minus 12-gram bucket
$250 shipped as of Jan 8 (minus 12-gram bucket).
$225 shipped as of Jan 21 (minus 12-gram bucket).
$250 shipped gets you this plus an early NOXX55 prototype A5 spring feeder!

Marker is set up for vertical air through the usual tombstone adapter. This thing rips on liquid! Have been using a 3.5oz on it and got about 100 very usable shots out of it. Perfect for a Qpod.


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