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Buzzard Barrel vs. Aftermarkets

I know this is going to really come down to personal preference, but I wanted to get a feeler from people who own Carters...

I'm getting a Buzzard made, and I was wondering how the stock barrels were? I typically use Lapco barrels on my other markers, and am used to markers that really benefit from a better barrel (ie, my A-5 shot, in my opinion, far better with a non-stock barrel). How do people typically like the stock barrel? I've tried to find things on here, but all I really found was people who had issues with the bore sizing, and either put in wedgits, or used the electrical tape/nail polish trick (aside from freak boring, typically still using the original barrel). Has anyone actually gotten an aftermarket barrel?

I mostly ask because I personally don't like the idea of inserts. Its hard to explain really, and I know done well they'll work fine, its just a mental thing, call me OCD if you want. Has anyone used a 1-piece or 2-piece kit without inserts with theirs? Am I likely to be fine just using the Carter inserts?

tldr: Do Carter's inserts please just about everyone, or do people get aftermarket barrels?

Thank you!
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