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Pico Body Shell Kits Available! 100% made in USA

First off I want to say thanks to Carter for being my sounding board and field tester when I first came up with this concept and project. He had the first prototypes and was testing it out for a while before I released the files to everyone

Since I open sourced and released the 3D files for the Pico Body Shell kits that turns any Halo B/EmpireB/Invert Halo Too etc. into a 100 round force feed loader I have had people asking me if they could buy them or where to get them printed. Unfortunately paying someone else to print them almost always ends up cost prohibitive (hundreds of dollars).

I was contacted after the release of the files by a USA company in Michigan who hand molds urethane parts from tools made using rapid prototyping processes. While this is still not cheap, and some end tweaking/trimming may sometimes be needed by the end user it does mean I can now offer the full shell kit consisting of the left shell, right shell, battery door and rip drive knob for sale.

I have them available currently in black for $50. They are 100% hand made in the USA. You can buy them from my webstore or by e-mailing me/paypalling me via, if you paypal directly I can usually ship to anywhere in the mainland USA for $8 (my store defaults higher to a medium box unfortunately but I can always fix that if needed).

Please feel free and browse the web store and add anything else you may be interested or e-mail me at the above e-mail address if you have any questions.
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