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Originally Posted by Mar View Post
what engine do I need to have to throw in there?
The guts from ANY Halo B style loader will work so the list includes Halo B, Halo B V35, Magna, Empire B, Empire B2, Empire Scion, Empire Halo Too, Invert Halo too... with or without rip.

Basically if it was in the original Halo B body shell style, or the Magna body shell style it will fit. Some take a little more fiddling than others, but they can all be made to work.

It will take any battery pack from the 6AA's down.

My favourite guts to use are the Empire B2 with the sound board, spring loaded S4 drive cone and rip drive, then you can use the 4AA pack and get great results.

I have also run that loader without any batteries and get 20 shots when I spring wind it before I need to wind it again. No batteries needed for a force feed loader that works great on a pump gun. Losing the battery pack and board makes it even lighter too which is nice.

Many people have a loader with broken shells which would be an ideal donor. Or you can find people selling them for as low as $20!
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