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Brass and Wood Fan
Completed 12-25 -13

Completed "DOOM" the dragon slayer and I love her.

SHe's every man's dream come true...

Long silky barrel ( freaked) -- 25 inches (Because I just had to)

All the bells and whistles stuffed into a one of a kind stock

Super light pump stroke and easy adjustable dual velocity adjusters

Runs on air or c02

Did I say I love her - To me she's perfect in every way........

I know I took a lot of pics but I couldn't help myself.
In the last two pics I tried to show the silver flecks you see
when in the sunlight.

Attachment 42623

Attachment 42624

Attachment 42625

Attachment 42626

Attachment 42627

Attachment 42628

"OMG" - I think my son just saw this - help me be strong...
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