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Got my first A5 in an unbelievable deal from WALZ (thanks again!). Just finished updating it and now I present... the matteekA5 Fauxnom!

- Pre-2011 A5
- Oldschool e-grip (you need a screwdriver to turn it on)
- Python feedneck, Cyclone removed
- Lapco barrel adapter with Equation barrel and inserts
- Trinity lower rail, machine pistol-style foregrip
- Rufus Dawg trigger, guard, and grip skin

I wanted to go the other way and strip the A5 down rather than adding lots of rails and bulk. It's a "Fauxnom" because it shoots in both electro and mech modes - the trigger microswitch engages long before the mechanical sear is tripped so I can control which mode its shooting in simply by adjusting the position of the rear stop on the trigger guard.

The last steps will be some refinishing and adding a JCS RVA. Speaking of, anyone got one?!
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