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This is what I received as a reply. I was a bit terse, I admit in my inquiry expanding on my own monetary frustrations with things and mentioned other people involved in this are angry too.

I'm sorry to hear that you are having health problems. I remember that you were a pretty active and well liked member of the paintball community. I'm trying to get my act together on this is. I gave up fighting the bank in October and let them foreclose on my house. Company I worked for laid me off, but I knew it was coming, that was why I had let the house go. I moved to Jefferson City MO and managed to find a job there. I met a guy at my new job who is helping me to get the Cro project back on line. He hounds me every day to make some progress. He is also helping me get set up to cast several crucial parts of the rifles. He is in a rush to get it done because once we are finished I have promised to help him with a project of his own. We are just finishing up a set of casting tools and expect to start making a furnace in the next two weeks. He needs the furnace for his project so he is on my case about getting it done. I have finally kicked my nasty addiction to computer games that was keeping me from doing any real work. All I have done for the last couple of years is make excuses to cover my addiction. Now that it has nearly destroyed my life I finally got a handle on it. I am sorry to you and all the others I have cheated. I have destroyed my reputation in the paintball community and lost dear friends. I will make good on this I promise. I can't say how soon, but know that I am trying as best I can. The money I a making is going to buy materials, in this case, the fire brick for the furnace. I have also recently purchased a large slab of brass to make the levers from ( Nearly $300 ) Though Ralph is trying to talk me into casting the levers, We will see how it goes. I have every single part that anyone has sent me, none of it has been sold off and it was carefully packed when I moved.

No idea if he is completely serious on this or if it is pie in the sky. But at least it is some sort of reply. So if anyone has specifics you now have a current means of communication.
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