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Originally Posted by ta2maki View Post
Zulu- Were you the one that got lit up in the back trying to sneak up to Alice's CP on sat.?
"Not I," said the cat. I was the OCMI player wearing the Full Clip gear (Fast Rack/rig and Shemagh). Unfortunately I didn't have time to get my name bar done for that new vest yet so the only thing that set me apart from some of the hitmen was that they were wearing Multicam (or their team jersey) and I was wearing OCMI's team uni...issue MARPAT. I spent a lot of time battling against Alice's forces from the top of that hill and along the netting. Basically, it was me and my fire team (OCMI's Charlie Company) moving along that road and raining gelatinous death from above.

Oh, and as I stated, this was my first game playing with my new (to me..hehe) Blazer. Thank you Palmer's Pursuit Shop for making that ridgeside raindance possible.....i'm sure there are those on the opposing team who would like to "thank you" as well.

Can't wait to add an Apex to that.


That wasn't the OCMI (LAPCO) tank which rolled. Ours has a lower center of gravity. It was a different tank......they told me that day whose tank it was, but I don't recall at the moment.
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