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We just posted this on FB, feel free to chime in:

J4orce! Jersey: Let's have a contest!

Okay, here is the basic. We have been busy on other things, and the jersey is really just a for fun bit for a tongue in cheek 'Factory' Team.

Since it really is about you guys wanting a jersey for yourselves, lets do this:

Grab a template from a Jersey company (Like Raza, Kohn, whomever) and doodle up yours. Maybe pick a medium priced version.

Get your Illustrator on! We can release some of the files, like the gear, racing stripes and maybe even the J4 Camo (in a few colors) and feel free to grab anything we have done.

We will vote on both:

Who's Jersey to use
Which Jersey design is best

Maybe even have a couple to choose from.

We are even thinking of paying for a few Jerseys for the winners.

Your thoughts?

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