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Listen to Pump, the guy, like me, has been around ICD markers for years.

Seriously, I don't like hosed noid markers, which is why Pump and I are bushmaster whores, but the Promaster did suffer from similar issues beyond that.

The regs and valve will give you the most noticeable difference in efficiency and kick. I did have a BKOMaster with an ICDU aftermarket rammer and there was absolutely little recoil.

I would not spend money on an aftermarket bolt....

Hmm, okay deal with the Vlocity....if she works

Marker looks stock mostly.

Go for a valve first and they are harder to come by in the aftermarket world. PM hge2paintball on PBN for a ebay valve.

Some discussion on a new valve he may produce here
New Valve Called The Stealth - PbNation

For an HPR, I love AKA regs, but i've had luck with Evil Detonators and they are cheap. Rebuilding is a tad more complicated, but it just requires snap ring pliers and safety glasses if you aren't careful.

LPRs are either AKA SCM-IIIs or a modified micro-rock adapter from vaporworks or zenitram (Airsoldier has these).
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