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Originally Posted by Jaccen View Post
I'll take all (ie. 3) of the WGP QEV's and 1 raw Automag parabolic plug.

I presume you have access to the things listed on the Proteam website? If yes, I would like 1 X 7/8" and 1 X 1" elbows (ie. 2 total) in black if possible.

<b>Pro-Feed Elbow

All the back blocks are aluminum, correct? None are delrin?

Feel free to PM me so we can work out an invoice.
I have 1 QEV left, the powerfeed plug is raw but it is not a "parabolic" one. I do have black parabolic plugs for $5. I have the elbows in black. and yes all of the back blocks shown are aluminum. Let me know what you want and I will PM you the details.
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