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Originally Posted by 7paintball View Post
No they did not, not sure why people still think that.
Probably because John Rice works there.

Tippmann Gryphon Paintball Markers

The Gryphon markers from Tippmann are a great gun for people just starting in the sport of paintball. While it is economically priced, it can compete against markers that cost much more. At $69.00, this marker is tough to beat for the money.The Gryphon marker is very lightweight and incorporates numerous premium features, including: an internal gasline for a cleaner look, a rigid and ergonomically-designed front grip, a center-feed design to maximize mobility, a high-impact body, a blade trigger for a smoother trigger pull, a high performance and ported barrel for reduced sound and improved accuracy, and the legendary reliability of the Tippmann inline bolt system. The Gryphon was designed by John Rice (JR), who has helped to develop some of the most well-known and top-performing markers in the paintball industry and played a key role in modifying the inline bolt system body frame and loader position to give the Gryphon a very balanced feel.

The Angel paintball marker was designed by engineer John Rice, as an HPA-only marker. Rice considered CO2 a dirty gas, so the Angel used miniaturized components that could not withstand impurities in the air or the cooling effects of CO2.[3]
What with them having Rice on staff, a pedigree for innovative design, and Tom Kaye's blessing to use the Automag design, Tippmann simply releasing the M98 over and over again is just lazy on their part. What with their income, pedigree, and resources I swear the reason people are sometimes hard on Tippmann is because we know they can do great things.

I actually think the GI buyout has the potential for some kicks to the posterior and we may see some good things come of it. Only time will tell.
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