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Originally Posted by Istobla View Post
with this and the KEE/Spyder pairing, i have hopes for new life in .50 cal. (dont give my the 'its crap and poison to the sport' shpeel please) as i have had a lot of fun playing up front and light with my FM50 and think it is great for kids and CQB but really wish i had mags for it and the other accessory they said would be coming. Two big companies competing to make it a real option is what .50 cal needs.
It's "SPIEL" - and .50 cal is silly.

Hopefully, this merger will work out quite well. I have always respected Tippmann guns - even in their not-so-great years, they were acceptable, and better than most guns at their price point. Now maybe they can go back to building rugged, reliable guns, and pretty innovative guns (in their weird Tippmann way).

Maybe even bring back the SL-68...

DIDJA HEAR ME? BRING BACK THE SL-68! It was a sweet little pump and I miss mine!
"Sorry, I'm programmed to do that..."

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