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I suppose pre98 bodies would be best for reanodizing. They had more of a matte finish. The 98-99 bodies had a dust finish which the anodizer would have to polish if you wanted a gloss finish. A pre98 body would just clean up a lot quicker/easier. But some anodizers will give you a break for stuff like that and some don't care. Cause pre98 bodies also use a smaller valve spring and have a smaller valve chamber. So a spring kit will be much harder to find and it will run at a higher pressure.

No matter what, make sure you get a non-stock vertical ASA reanodized with the gun. The stock ASAs of the time were made from a different grade of aluminum that doesn't hold anodizing that well. There are a bunch of nice KAPP ones on eBay for less than $10 new.
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