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Originally Posted by gospeedgo1 View Post
I purchased a set of springs to compare against CCM springs. I just compared the CCM Hammer spring versus the SLPS Hammer spring.

Marker: Jeff Orr V3 Pump
Regulator: CP
Valve: Palmers LT (the low pressure one)
Valve Spring: Palmers LT valve spring
Hammer: WGP midblock
IVG: 1 turn in from flush

CCM Hammer Spring: 272, 269, 269, 274, 271

SLPS Hammer Spring: 233, 227, 240, 238, 235

the SLPS hammer spring is slightly thinner in diameter, about 1 mm shorter, and has more coils than the CCM hammer spring.
Thanks for your purchase. Your test shows that the SLPS hammer spring is softer than the CCM. Is the SLPS valve spring softer than the Palmers LT spring? If so, put that in and dial the HPR in.
I would never advise purchasing this kit and using only the hammer spring, the valve spring is where gains can be had.
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