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Reusing USPS boxes

In buying and selling PB equipment, I end up with a crap ton of small Flat Rate boxes from sellers. When I reship, depending on the amount I sold it for and weight, I may end up using a FR box, but most times its cheaper to use a padded envelope or what that I have laying around. I was considering covering the FR box with brown packing paper and reusing the boxes. Does anyone know what the PO's stance is on this? It's not like I'm going in, getting free packing supplies in the form of new boxes, just wanting to reuse the old boxes and not have to pay the higher Flat Rate fee. As an example, the small FR is $5.85. If I repurpose the box and ship it First Class Mail, its about $3. And $2-3+/box over the course of a year adds up. I don't think it should be considered unethical, as in an old job I had, we always recycled old boxes for use in reshipping packages. Its kind of the way its done and seems more environmentally friendly than throwing them all away.

Any thoughts?
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