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G.I. Sportz Acquires Tippmann Sports Official Announcement

Are you illiterate or something? GI is owned by Richmond Italia, GI owns Tippmann. The FT 50 is clearly based on the FT 12 which is made by Tippmann. Maybe it's because I left my tin foil hat at home today but where does that imply any connection to the Gardners and GOG?

Of course GI is going to push 50 cal and any company they own is going to help push it. Whether you believe in 50 cal or not is irrelevant, there IS a market for it as many field have been successfully using it for the rental/birthday party crowd. I don't like it either but it's a free market and people and businesses are free to buy and sell what they want.

As I said to my knowledge there is no direct business connection between GOG and GI other than them at one point building guns to be sold under the GI name, just like Bob Long does with the Victus/insight. But GI does not own GOG and GOG does not own GI. If there's a relationship beyond that I couldn't tell you because my last name isn't Gardner and I won't state rumors and theory as if they're facts.
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