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Reballs Velocity vs Regular Paintballs

Originally Posted by dirtpig67 View Post
After reading up on them a bit, I had read that actual Reballs were the best brand to use from what people were saying in reviews. Thanks for confirming.
Definitely the best! The others are crap to tell you the truth. The worse very well used reballs are almost still better than the Z-balls.

Originally Posted by hmcl281 View Post
the blanket thing will work really well, all you have to do is fold a crease at the bottom so it can act like a pocket. as you shoot the blanket it will swing a little back and the ball will just fall into the pocket area. if you can find the glow in the dark kind of reball it might help you locating them at night, shine a flashlight around and that should make them glow.
The glow in the dark ones are one of the first version, you'd have a hard time finding them.
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