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Originally Posted by scrounger View Post
But lets deal in reality people.

After all the different calibers were tried in the 80's (yes I have been playing that long) .68 was found to be the best all around for all aspects of paintball.

For the last 20+ years the standard has been .68 and all equipment has been designed for it. Now your asking players who use modern and stock play to either buy conversion kits (to which some older one will not have) or buy brand new guns/.50 compatible equipment. All of which cost a lot of cash.

I am sorry but this is like trying to change the size of a baseball, hockey puck, or basketball. With the difference is we have more equipment (loaders, mags, guns) to change.
Most of the gear owners I know own more than 1 marker and guys that are in the hobby for the long run seem to buy new markers every once in a while, so for someone that is interested in that style of play, I don't see a big issue with offering a 50 alternative.

Also, there are always new players entering the market. They too will be buying new markers. Depending on their style of play, they may choose to buy a smaller magfed marker that will shoot 50 cal. I don't think anyone is trying to make everyone change from 68 cal. I think 68 cal will stay the dominant caliber for a long time, maybe forever. But I don't see a problem with giving people a choice, should they want something different. I don't think anyone jumped all over Kingmann when they decided to give players an option to buy a 43 cal marker.
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