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Originally Posted by 2hits View Post
You are against youth and woman sized basketballs? Making those 6 year olds use a NBA regulation sized basketball just seem means.

I guess tee ball is out too. The kids are in for a rough time it seems. I'm sure they will just suck it up and come back though, what else will they do, play video games?

Comparing apples to oranges and being snotty about it at that.

So to use your logic then your against the military using sim rounds, the police using sim and .43 because .68 is standard for paintball?

Or against the special Olympics due to its different then the standard Olympics?

Get off the defensive silly train.

I stated quite clearly that .50 may have a good market if applied to such areas such as CCB, military and oversees (which has such tight gun control regulations) just as the rules/equipment for (your example) tee ball is for its nitch.

However changing major league baseball (ex) ball to an inch smaller or a tee ball ball because some yo-yo says its better would be just as silly.

If sir you care to debate the properties, past history, or current history (failure) of .50 then I welcome it.

But if your going to defend your point with pointless comparisons and/or personal attacks then you appear just to be offended someone does not share/challenges your opinion.

BTW hundreds of thousands of current and past USA players don't want .50.

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