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I'd say I mostly look for friendly staff.

Price is also a big factor. I pride myself in trying to bring new players into the sport and I'll even occasionally pay someone's way and cover their first case of paint and or field fee, if I'm introducing them to the game for the first time. Making things reasonable can really help out. I'm kind of like the paintball crack dealer, I try to give some friends their first hit for free just to get them hooked, because I know they'll go back and then I've got someone to possibly recruit into my scenario team.

I can understand the whole field paint only thing but at least keep the prices for 2k under 75.00

Attitude is everything. I've called Sherwood forest last year because I was curious about the pre-registration price, and because I was having trouble finding the waiver forms. So I call them and I have no clue who the little punk was who answered their phone but he acted like a complete jerk and almost persuaded me to not attend the event. My first question was where could I get the waiver form, since I was sitting at my computer all he would have needed to do was read me the URL, and I'd type it in. Instead he acted like it was soo tough to take time out of his day to answer my question and figured I must be stupid because it was on their website "in like 5 differnet spots" as he put it. Finally I figured it out by just click+dragging the whole screen because with my monitor being dark like it is, and their site printing the link in dark purple over a black background made it hide pretty well. Then my second question was, "What is the sales tax rate for La Porte, IN?" The reason for asking was that they said how much the pre-reg prices were and behind each price was printed "+ Tax" Why a person from 2 states away should be assumed to know what their local sales tax rate is, is beyond me? So I asked, was again treated like I was stupid for asking the question and waited on hold for the little pud-knocker to figure it out and tell me. I'm sure plenty of players just assumed that the prices were printed with tax included, but instead I was treated rudely for making a long distance phone call in order to find out how much more I should pay them!

I still went to the game, had other problems with the field like a missing case of paint that a teammate bought when he preregistered, and he ate that cost because apparently they thought he was trying to scam them or something.

The sad thing is I'm giving them another chance! Because some nice people asked us to go back and play, and because they put on a game that involves my scenario team's namesake, we will go against my gut instinct and drive across another 2 states to give them another chance to deliver "hopefully better service".

Damn, that turned into a rant. Anyways, I guess thats what alot of field owners forget, is that they are in what we call the "Service Industry". Still I've seen alot of field owners take on customer service as a high priority and for them, Like Perry of BattleCreek Paintball in Kingdom City, MO. I'll always be happy to frequent their establishments.

I guess for me customer service is the biggest thing. I like the first words of every pregame speech to be "thank you for turning out this morning, I really appreciate you spending your saturday with us..."
I think every field has areas they can improve on, but for alot of fields if you asked them what their business could improve on, most would say things like "Oh, we could use better bunkers" or "Oh, we could use more advertising.." or "We could use better rental equipment..."
Its just sad that customer service tends to get neglected by some of our fields.

ok, stopping this rant now
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