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CCM IVG In a Karnivor?

What modifications are required for a CCM IVG to work with the Karnivor ICS system.

Full Story:
I have a Karnivor pump with the stock IVG. Because i have a CCM Frame i am unable to use the screw and snatch that originally locked the IVG in place. The design of the IVG means makes it essentially free floating and without anything locking it in place it begins to back out after a few shots which leads to fps loss throughout the day. There are a couple fixes as far as i know. Use a 10-32 x 1/4' set screw to hold the ivg in place (however this prevents adjustment unless you take the whole frame off; PITA). wrap the ivg in teflon, problem is the space between threads requires a lot of teflon and i still get some backing out, CCM IVG, which people tell me requires modifications?
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