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Originally Posted by xkpxfatassxx View Post
If you care for what the "agglets" think, then you should get your priorities strait. Function and looks wayyyyyyyyy*y's are to be continued* over agg. Who cares about what they think. Only care if you can sell them a headband for 200 bucks
I care about what the Agglets think, But I'd Much rather have a vertical air than spend 30-50$ just for an air adapter and still have agglets bash me for using a pump. I just like having Sexy Gear .
Can't wait to try out my new phantom!

Oh and Thanks, I'll sell them a HK Headband and tell them it was Ollie Lang's!

Originally Posted by Murph View Post
I think that's an ugly chick in there TBH. She's probably a feminist who thinks showing off a giant cooch is empowering.
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