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I'll throw my hat in the ring...
I work in the local proshop and here is what I tell people in your situation....

Buy the best mask you can afford.
All the mask on the market have to undergo the same certifications to be rated & approve for paintball
Here are the ones that we sell the most of:
JT Spectra Prosheild
JT ProFlex
Empire Eflex
Empire Event
VForce Profiler

Go to your local proshop and try on some masks and see which one fits you the best

I don't suggest MagFed markers to first time players.
You are putting yourself at a big disadvantage on the field these days. You only have what is in your mags (and maybe your 10round tubes if you bring any) and your average rental has more "firepower" then you.
Think of buying Call of Duty or Battlefront for the first time, putting the game in and turning it up on the hardest difficulty. It is a steep learning curve and frustrating for a new player.

For someone looking a "carbine rifle" looking paintball marker, I would look at the US Army line (Alpha Black, Carver One, & Project Salvo) or the Empire BT line (Omega, Delta & G36). They are all based off the Tippmann 98 platform, which is one of the most reliable markers on the market (and used as a field rental for that reason)

If you have your heart set on mag fed, I would steer clear on Rap4 & Milsig markers. The quality control is horrible and more often then not you have an expensive paper weight.
At our store we stock the Scarab Arms line, Tiberius, & Spyder magfed markers and the Tacamo Magfed conversion kits for Tippmanns.
I have held the Dye DAM and it is nice but alot of money to invest into a marker that in my case wouldn't see the field that much.
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