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Cool Paintball Junkeez (Mt. Healthy Baptist Church field) FINAL season... Cincy Ohio

Anyone in the Cincinnati or tri state area that hasn't heard or played at Paintball junkeez... Get off your rear, as the end is almost here!

They are closing down the field at the end of June, and this is the LAST season. Open on non holiday Saturdays from 10:30 til around 3:00.

This is a FREE byop field located behind Mt. Healthy Baptist Church on about 30 acres of THICK woods. This is REAL Woodsball, with lots of cover thrown in here and there. Including forts, and other structures. With creeks, and large trees, and many more cool features including multi level structures.

There is a "store" on site that sells paint and rents out gear (first come first served, $10 for a setup) They also have air and co2 fills on site for not much money.

FOOD is amazing! The church volunteers and they have drinks and hot dogs/hamburgers. You can easily eat lunch for $5.

Opening day is April 5th and the first game starts promptly at 10:30am. Waivers must be signed before hand and entered into the computer, and opening day is typically a zoo, so get there early! They play until 3:00 and have a brief message at lunch time (it is a church field). Typically at least 6 games are played during the day, they usually last about 20 minutes per game. With about a 10 minute break between games. (sometimes way more games are played, it just depends on how good the crowd is at getting going).

This is a total volunteer field, and I have seen as many as 250 players there on a given Saturday. It is crazy to have that many players on two teams! But, their field is big enough that it does work! I have tons of video on youtube showing games from Paintball Junkeez (you can search under that term to see them). They always need extra refs if you have experience doing that.

I will be attending tomorrows opening day game, if you go, be sure to find me and introduce yourself!

All the "good" pictures I have of me playing paintball were taken by the many photographers who take pics during these games. Kevin Moss (one of the refs) is an excellent paintball photographer, and if you are using a pump or any other rare or exotic marker, he will hunt you just to capture some pics of you using it in play!

Great field, final season, get out here and play!

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