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Trilogy Competition Autococker w/ QEV Only $75!

Alrighty peoples, got a fun little gun up for sale today. Gun airs up and cycles just fine, super fun to play with. Not really looking for any trades unless they are way in my favor. This thing is in great shape, looks like it has only been used MAYBE a handful of times.
  • Trilogy Competition
  • QEV (dremeled down so it doesn't interfere with the barrel)
  • Dust Red CP Barrel Back (.689)
  • Red Dye Sticky Grips
  • WGP Regulator
  • WGP Beavertail
  • Dust Red ASA w/ Steel Braided Hose


I'm doing a mech karnivor build right now, here's what I need:
high end front pneumatics (belsales/palmers/CCM)
nice lower tube kit (CCM, etc)
Kaner Kit
Smart Parts Wood Grips

I realize I don't have any feedback on this site yet, but I do have a good amount of positive feedback on pbnation:

New Style
Buy/Sell/Trade Feedback for hypnoticpimp

Old Style
Hypnoticpimp's Feedback - PbNation

1. I do not ship first
2. I ship USPS Priority. I expect you to do the same. If you want the gun faster, you pay for it.
3. Once I ship the item off, I am no longer responsible for it. If you want insurance on the package, you pay for it.
4. Please, post here before pm'ing me. It makes things a lot easier.
5. I will not hold items for you. Get back to me when you have cash in hand.

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