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Originally Posted by EL17E 76 View Post
I am wondering where all this BS about being behind "tourney guns"
you are limited with the amount of paint you can carry on the field
is coming from.

Is there any "magfed" marker out there that can't use a Rotor or either has a soon to be released or a already released "boxmag" or that precludes one from using pods to refill said "hopper"? Just because you have a "magfed" or a "real steel" lookalike marker doesn't mean you HAVE to be limited to magfed play. Combined with the fact we are all usually limited to a specific RoF/FPS and most of the stuff currently available with "FA" can meet or exceed those limits how are you considering these markers "behind" anything?
Length or Weight "might" be a factor but just because some milsim/magfed users have 3 different scopes, 4 flashlights, 2 different colored lazers, an extra rail for their "sight picture" to have mask clearance, a 14-20" barrel and a bi-pod doesn't mean everyone runs that way.
Form factor makes one heck of a difference. A 'tourney' electro is a -very- compact and light package that can tuck up nicely to hug bunkers and be kept up, on target, and firing while dumping pods into the hopper. Trying to do the same with a milsim marker styled after real steel is impractical at best.
"Electric paintball guns are a good way for kids to support their local field by buying so much extra paint."

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