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Originally Posted by RatFink View Post
Anyway, now that I'm thinking about it, My old JT's used to rub the top of my big ears raw, because the small foam blocks on the hard ears fell off like the second day I had them.
Sounds like you need to do what I do to my various hard ears. A pair of zip-ties (carefully applied so that the sharp bit is facing outwards) should keep the foam in place. On this mask, I made replacement foam by cutting up some cheapie pipe insulation I picked up at home depot for another project.
It may not look it but this is super comfy and has lasted for 4 years now.

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Originally Posted by RatFink View Post
Anyone have any insight on what might be an improvement over the tried and true JT's?
Not... really.
I've been looking to replace my Spectra for a while too but after wearing them for over half my life nothing else feels right.
V-Force Grillz comes close, and I really like the lens lock system on the Vents/Invert Avatar/Empire E-Vents, but it doesn't breathe as well and the face foam feels too thin.

On every other mask out there the ear pieces fail to protect my earlobes.
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