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Originally Posted by heinous View Post
so, you think other people are wrong in previous arguments because you think their conclusions are supported solely on their perception, and yet it is a perfectly solid reason why your conclusions are valid?

and here we go again with "comments outside of the show." you may use it to convince yourself what the show is trying to portray, but that excuse for the show has been brought up and shot down several times. a skillfully made show would be self contained. imagine seinfeld needing an extra hour after every episode just to explain his jokes.
Actually H...if you had read what I said....I said that the comments outside of the show confirmed what was perceived inside of the show.

Which gets things back to what was said earlier. Unless you have something spelled out clearly (IE Rick is a sheriff). Then any other conclusions are simply opinions and thus really cannot be considered inconsistencies. Unless you know the intention of the writers of the story...hey who are they? They are OUTSIDE of the show...then you can only rely upon what you perceive in the show and what your own personal experience may tell you about certain "types" of people. But that is still you applying yourself to the characters which is nothing more than an opinion.
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