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A couple of questions

Hi guys, I recently acquired a PGP2K1 and have a couple of questions:

The bolt doesn't seem to be locking fully in place (only gets the first click), I've read that loosening the RVA cap will solve this (it was sitting completely flush when I received it) but I couldn't find anything on how to actually do that.
Is it the star-shaped hole that you would use (I'm assuming the inner allen key one is the velocity)? And if it is, does it require the sheridan valve tool to open?
EDIT: Just noticed you're supposed to do that via the rear grip frame screw - I'm a muppet sometimes. :P

The second question is something a bit more trivial, but I was just interested to know. For those people that have custom finishes to their PGP's; are hydrographics or anodized finishes possible on brass? And would they affect the barrel's performance (I'm unsure of the process, but it's some kind of dip, right?)?
Would powder coating or painting be the better option?

Thanks in advance!

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