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Hey there,
so let's try and break this down.
Are we sure that you have a PGP2k1 or a PGP? Check the bolt, are there ball bearings in it or just a solid bolt?
Do you actually have a RVA? Some of the time, RVAs are aftermarket and not stock. If the back cap on the lower tube does have an allen key screw, then it probably is a RVA and yes, you can adjust it to increase velocity.
You would only need the Sheridan valve tool if you wanted to do work on the valve tool, changing velocity is generally done by swapping out the spring, shimming the spring, or adjusting the RVA (rear velocity adjuster).

You can do hydrographic, but anodizing is not exactly possible. Popular routes for finishing on brass tend to be powdercoating, cerakoting, or some type of plating. The best option, IMO is to either keep the stock coating, or strip off everything so it is bare brass and let it patina on its own.
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